Time to Care


The University of Kansas needs to show its commitment to the football program by firing the person who bears the most responsibility for this historically bad season -Sheahon Zenger.  Any less than firing him immediately for his failures in hiring and firing personnel and a complete inability to improve the stadium simply shows a lack of respect for KU, it’s students, alumni and fans.



4 thoughts on “Time to Care

  1. He should have been fired along with Weis, but he needs to go. He sat by and allowed Chuck to decimate the program. He has made the football program monumentally worse then when he started, and he has done absolutely nothing on getting our stadium renovation started. None of this is on Beaty, this season was never going to go any differently with any coach this year. And yes … we can absolutely hire a new AD that will give Beaty the time to keep moving us in the right direction. Zinger needs to go ASAP.

  2. How can this guy routinely deliver a $10 pizza, yet can’t even get a plan drawn up for stadium renovations? I quit donating to the Williams fund specifically because of Zenger not being shown the door with Weis. Not one more penny.

  3. the University of Kansas Athletic Department has a cancer…and that cancer is Sheahon Zenger. This man has single-handedly completely killed off the football program and brought unparalleled embarrassment upon the university in the process. As if the Kansas State Marching Band’s porno-choreographic performance depicting the Jayhawk being “orally violated” wasn’t bad enough, On Zenger’s watch, KU’s football team gets raped game after game, season after season!!
    Fire, and I mean FIRE this malignantly incompetent dolt NOW!!!

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